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Bunga Desa :iconshitake:shitake 2 6 Spike :iconshitake:shitake 0 13 Flight :iconshitake:shitake 0 4
My ears
They hurt
They bleed
My ears
They fight
And shout
And argue
It's not my fault
They try to tell me
It never is though,
Is it?
It's not enough
She screams
It's not enough
I hear myself say
It's not my fault
But I won't fight
And I won't shout
And I won't argue
Her ears won't bleed
Not like mine
:iconshitake:shitake 1 1
Bird of Paradise :iconshitake:shitake 3 22 Windy Wellington :iconshitake:shitake 0 15
Monday Mourning
Sometimes you gotta pretend it's dead
Hold your own secret funeral
Anything to subside the grief
You'll lay down the rose petals gently
As if it were real
Pretending for your own sake
As if there was nothing left to care for
The tears will fall
An ugly, dirty black
And clouds of dark grey will intrude upon the morning
Sometimes you gotta pretend he's dead
:iconshitake:shitake 0 4
He knows you're attached
Just hang on in there...
Be careful
What am I going to do?
But it's getting better
Don't fall for it again
You're an idiot, a fool
Oh you are so gullible
Why do you care?
It hurts
What is it you see in him?
He told me...
Lies, he told you lies
You can do better....
:iconshitake:shitake 0 2
For Sure
You can ask me what I'm doing
Why I still care
What is it I still need
Now that you've gone
Surely it's time to let go
Sometimes I'm unsure of the answers
Why do I still care?
The number of times
I've tried to shake it off
It never works
It never dies
I guess it's fair to say
All the hints I need
You've given me
And yet I want to wait
I'm still in search of the one thing
That will bring me closer to closure
I still need to know
I still need to know for sure
:iconshitake:shitake 0 2
Look happy to be here
Only because she's coming your way
You make it look so easy
Smile and say good morning
Welcome to another day
It's only just begun
As you walk down the same walkway
It's like everyone is your friend
Like a big phony grin is plastered
On your face
And no one can tell
It doesn't end there
Oh no, it never does
But you come to the end
And you've made it through the day
Good job
You're fake
So fake
:iconshitake:shitake 0 8
Mt Bromo 2 :iconshitake:shitake 0 4 Mt Bromo 1 :iconshitake:shitake 1 11
Voluntary Amnesiac
Sometimes I still think of you
I wonder where you are,
What you're doing,
Who you're with
I hate hearing your name
Because it only makes me remember
If I could only ask you one last thing
It would be to ask
How you are doing
Because it's little things like that
That we can't seem to get back
And I don't want to remember
:iconshitake:shitake 1 4
Flower Pot
I am looking to the dark
For inspiration
You are running to the words
For comfort
And we are both
Missing the point...
:iconshitake:shitake 0 0
You were always such a nice boy
Never one to make quick judgements
Never one to pick a fight
You knew what I needed
And you always gave without fail
You treated me well
But you had me fooled
I was always such a strong girl
I let you tickle my sense silly
But always stood my ground
Loving, but I let my voice be heard
I let you down into the darkest depths of my soul
Yet still left you wondering
But I had myself fooled
I used to be such a strong girl
And you...
You used to be such a nice boy
:iconshitake:shitake 1 5
Some Days
I want to go back into my shell again
Where everything is one long memory
Some days I hate playing the waiting game
And on other days, I welcome it
I want to be alone
Where no one can touch me
Where I am no longer suffocated
By the air I breathe
Some days
I don't have to pretend
:iconshitake:shitake 0 2

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An attraction
The sky, a range of blue, free from clouds,
Stretching out from a radiating sun.
The grass a green without another
Is divided by bursts of flowers.
A tree dominates the scene,
A scene of tranquillity and harmony.
I am alone, left to dwell on innocent thoughts,
Yet I feel a presence watching.
Turning around, a light I see,
Initially blinding but my eyes adjust.
The emanation of light radiates from a figure
That focuses into a woman of beauty.
The figure is tall and strong,
Sensitive skin naked to the sun's rays,
Jet black hair weightless to gravity,
Her slender physique glides toward me.
Brown eyes penetrate me
Delving into my secret thoughts and memories,
Her visage of beauty shows an intimation of a smile,
Could she be looking at me?
Her weightless footfalls lie almost above the ground,
Causing no movement of the grass beneath her.
As her feet of perfection fall
Flowers shoot from the fertile soil around them.
Hope rises up in me,
Could she be walking toward the only person here?
My b
:iconaoshi-shinomori-:aoshi-shinomori- 2 18
Slender Virgin :iconindonesia:indonesia 63 34 Unity in Diversity :iconindonesia:indonesia 210 50
The Little Things
The Little Things
It's the little things about you
that makes me love you so.
Like the way you look at me.
It sets my heart aglow.
How you hold me close
and comfort me when I am really sad.
Even when you say the wrong things
and you make me so mad.
Every wrinkle that lines your face.
The smile that brightens my day.
Even when you are tongue tied
and can't find the right words to say.
It's just those little things
that I look forward to in my life.
I am so glad I married you.
So glad you made me your wife.
:iconjessin:Jessin 2 7
Mature content
I Gotta List :iconhidden8707:hidden8707 2 10
Mature content
Song to Dad :iconhidden8707:hidden8707 1 29
He is running away.
Doesn't feel loved.
All he feels lately
is pushed and shoved.
He cries himself to sleep
each and every night.
Not wanting anyone to see him
so he keeps out of sight.
He would give anything
just to hear those words.
Ones that say I love you,
but they are hardly ever heard.
Not by the one he needs
to hear it from the most.
He feels all alone.
Invisible like a ghost.
:iconjessin:Jessin 1 8
The Tiny Tutorial :iconwildangel:wildangel 53 15 How to Create Borders :iconwildangel:wildangel 11 7


Feeling of Freedom :iconkedralynn:kedralynn 454 119



New Zealand
Current Residence: G-field, auckland, nz
Favourite genre of music: Rock, metal, ska, hip hop, drum & bass
Operating System: windows xp
MP3 player of choice: Winamp/itunes
Shell of choice: bblean
North Shore hoodlums, I urge you to support your fellow local artist (actually from Devo), Yonel Watene - Grace still yells at me everytime I say his name wrong. I'm inviting you all to attend the opening of his exhibition at The Depot.

Flat White, featuring artwork by Yonel, will be opening on Saturday 12 November at 5pm.

As a committee member of Shore Youth Bank (we are funding the exhibition), I've been eagerly awaiting this exhibition. I've heard many a good thing about Yonel's art from my own friends who live in the Devonport area and know of Yonel.

Flat White
Yonel Watene
Yonel Watene, with one left hand and no patience, thus is my artwork created. Creating in dim light whilst eating tofu - I must admit I'm in peace.
Opening 5pm Saturday 12th November
Main Gallery



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